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Welcome to Lock & Fly for parking near Eindhoven Airport.

Quick, cheap and secure parking at just 100m distance of the terminal.

Take advantage of our competitive rates for parking near Eindhoven Airport! From day 4 you will only pay 5 € per day for parking your car.
Are you going for a shorter trip? 1 day is € 15, 2 days € 20 and 3 days € 30. In addition to guarded parking, you can also store your valuables in a safety locker. Book your parking or locker space directly online.

Our parking lot is accessible 24/7 and is continuously monitored by surveillance cameras. Because we are happy to be of service, our office is open from 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Whether you want to check the current flight times, quickly print your boarding pass or log in to our WiFi network, you are most welcome to make use of our facilities.

Do you have some more time to kill before your flight takes off? Besides making use of one of our flexible working spots, you can also play a game of table football or enjoy a drink or snack in our seating area.  

If you want to safely store valuables such as a house key, laptop or navigation system, it is possible to use our safety lockers. While you are traveling, we keep your valuables safe. When you rent a locker, parking your car is for free!

Lock and Fly is your best option for fast, secure and cheap parking within walking distance of Eindhoven Airport! Click here to make your online reservation. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly via +31 (0) 6 21 44 57 57. Moreover, we can be reached via email.
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